Tibet Third Pole advocates for the protection of the Tibetan Plateau, a uniquely important and globally significant ecosystem. We call for the Tibetan people to be full participants in decisions over the development of the plateau, and for their fundamental rights to preserve cultural, social, and economic lifeways inherently linked to Tibet’s high-altitude grasslands. We campaign for their right to determine their own fate and future as they adapt to climate change.

We seek full participation of Tibetans in all aspects of the long-term restoration, management and use and conservation of Tibet’s ecosystems, ecosystem services, and conservation zones, for the benefit of all beings. Tibetans have been and must continue to be full partners in the stewardship of Tibet’s ecosystems.

We seek alliances and collaborations with scientists, governments, NGOs, and peoples across Asia whose fate and future depend on the ecosystem services that the Tibetan Plateau provides.

Tibetans and their supporters stand in solidarity with people around the world affected by climate change, and call for an ambitious, binding agreement in Paris that upholds human rights, will enable Tibetans to be part of the solution to climate change, and which will lead to the protection of the Tibetan Plateau.

Tibet Third Pole is facilitated by International Tibet Network with advice from Tibet Justice Center and Australia Tibet Council. Global Tibet groups are actively involved in the work of Tibet Third Pole. To find a Tibet Group in your region visit  www.tibetnetwork.org/find-a-tibet-group/