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Greenhouse gases, natural and human induced, are the major factor behind climate change. In the past century, human activities have substantially increased the amount of those gases in the atmosphere, resulting in global warming. Because bigger states are producing the bulk of those emissions, it is important that they take the lead in reducing emissions.

Nearly 20 per cent of the world’s population depends on the freshwater rivers fed by the Himalayan glaciers. Because the Tibetan Plateau is warming, the glaciers are melting, and melting faster than they can accumulate ice.

As the Tibetan Plateau warms the entire Himalayan region stands to lose its glacier ‘insurance’ in the long-term. Climate change induced water scarcity will negatively impact the region’s agricultural productivity, energy production and the health of its population.

“Because of what has happened to our land, many people do not have enough to eat. Their land has been taken away and compensation is not given or it is not enough for them to live.”
Extract of a message from a group of young Tibetan students in eastern Tibet (2012)

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